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Current Best Sellers

Cinnamon Sedge

Daddy Long Legs

Claret Pennell

Black Pennell

Blue Flash Damsel - Tinsel Body - Olive 12s -16s

Blue Flash Damsel - Tinsel Body - Black 12s - 16s

Blue Flash Damsel - Unleaded - 10s and 12s

GRHE 12s and 16s

Black and Peacock Spider

Cats Whisker



Fly Orders

Good stocks of all the usual patterns, particularly BlueFlashDamsels, river dries, nymphs and stalking bugs.

Instruction News

Red Tag Days in the South West have been proving extremely popular, with extra courses being added steadily into the autumn period.


1 to 1 Lessons are also available at any time. First manouevres are on grass, then we progress to the water.

  • With all instruction activities, we shall clearly be observing social distancing, hand sanitisation, and wearing of face masks STAY SAFE
  • No sharing of tackle
  • Free Ongoing assessment following your lesson
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