Learn to FlyFish courses

Next events - see schedule for 2022


If you would like to take part, or have a suggestion for

an extra date or venue please contact me

and I can add to the schedule


You can also take a private lesson at any time

This will focus on casting theory and technique

and takes place on grass - ideally, a sports pitch local to you



You never know when the next variant will strike

So, still observing Hands - Face - Space


Fly Sales

Peruse the fly shop, or alternatively

why not make an appointment for a home visit?

what's catching?

Current Best Sellers

Blue Flash Damsel - Tinsel Body - Olive 12s -16s

Blue Flash Damsel - Tinsel Body - Black 12s - 16s

Blue Flash Damsel - Unleaded - 10s and 12s

Blue Flash Damsel - Hothead - Black 10s and 12s

Blue Flash Damsel - Hothead - Olive 10s and 12s

GRHE 12s

Black Hopper; Orange Hopper

Black and Peacock Spider

Coch Y Bonddu

Cinnamon Sedge


Fly Orders

Good stocks of all the usual patterns, particularly BlueFlashDamsels, river dries, nymphs and stalking bugs.

Instruction News

Red Tag Days in the South West again proved extremely popular in 2021.

After the series of lockdowns, courses resumed 17 and 18 April at Burrator.

New dates will be added commencing Spring 2022


1 to 1 Lessons are also available at any time. First manouevres take place on grass, then we progress to the water.

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