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Tony began dressing his flies in 1974, realising at the time that he could not obtain flies of the right standard, calibre, size, colour, and weight.


Whilst flyfishing, you will need to be cautious of flies that will unwind themselves in flight, pull out straight on you with hooks that are needlessly too fine in the wire, possess oversized heads, or simply tied with a twisted and lumpy feel which again will promote the disintegration of the pattern.


Sometimes it is a fault of the manufacture, sometimes, the dressing and choice of materials.


Tony Hern flies will catch you fish because they benefit from  a core theme of strength, which allows for a balance between the best possible performance of the fly, and, a sound construction on strong hooks with quality materials. No cheap imported goods here!


Reliance on waxing the thread increases durability, reduces bulk, making every turn of the dressing count.


No need anymore to tolerate dressings that - roll around the hook, or slip round the bend of the hook!


Leave behind flies with ribbings that disappear down through the dubbing,  or have eyes that are badly clogged with varnish.

Uneven ribbing, poorly finished and over sized heads can now be a thing of the past!


........so what's available


Well, anything really!


Patterns unique to this website flying off the vice, tried and tested patterns, faithfully reproduced patterns from revered anglers, or your own modifications to current patterns.


Flies are tied to order -  you can decide the specification - size, colour, weight, and so on.


You will need to order ahead, as only a little stock is held, the best product, freshly tied to order and delivered to your door.


finding your way around this website......


Flies are divided into 4 main categories

stalking patterns
dry patterns

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