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Tony has been teaching people to cast a fly professionally since 1982, qualifying in 1987 as a NAC Grade 1 instructor (Trout, Salmon and FlyDressing) at Holmepierrepoint, Nottingham.


Since then, he has taught literally thousands of people to cast a fly.


Tony is also a member of the Game Anglers Instructor’s Association or ‘GAIA’. (No G100128)

GAIA set certain principles and a code of practice by which qualified instructors must operate, and with this in mind, he holds certificates in Safe Practice in Safeguarding Children, First Aid and has also been checked by the DBS unit for game angling.


Tony is a  Licensed Coach through the Angling Trust, and also holds the Level 2 award for a Certificate in Coaching Angling (L2CCA)

Just one or two casting lessons will get any individual up and running, the world is then your oyster as to where you choose to fish, as fly fishing can be explored on any tract of water where fish swim!

This will generally be on rivers or lakes, although coastal sport is now becoming very popular, not just here in the UK, but right around the world.

Learning to cast is easy, so long as you follow a few basic principles.


DON’T be deterred by those who think it is impossible to learn if you don’t have ‘the knack’.


DO be prepared to get plenty of practice in.

What’s more, get a technical edge on those already flyfishing, who would probably benefit from a lesson themselves!


After a first lesson, you will need to borrow or purchase a rod and practice until you can cast safely.

Practising away from water to begin with is absolutely fine, any soft grassy surface – your lawn for example, a piece of parkland, or even even a corner of a field.


Don’t be deterred either by those that walk past and tell you that “You wont catch much there, matel”

Then, armed with a modest selection of tackle and some flies...................



Tackle included


£48 per hour, extra pupil £12

£30 per 30 minutes



£125 for a three hour session, extra pupil £25

£225 for a six hour session, extra pupil £50


Learn to Fish with Tony Hern on Red Tag Days on South West Lakes Trust venues

A popular and really excellent way to get you started in the sport, featuring mechanical casting theory, tackle talk, knots, flies, leaders, hooking, playing, landing fish, fly dressing demonstration and long fishing period

£30 plus the local fishing charge (South West Lakes Trust £5)

Includes Rod Licence waiver for the day.

Learn More


Courses begin in 2020 with:

Easter Saturday 11th April, Red Tag Day at Burrator Reservoir, Yelverton


For the finest local fishing in Surrey ...... visit the Albury Estate Fisheries

To gain the mechanics of fly casting ,lessons in Surrey, we begin on Albury Cricket Pitch.


Meanwhile on Dartmoor and further waters in the SouthWest,

please visit www.swlakesfishing.co.uk





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